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A screen printing test from Designing Nature.

I plucked a frond from someone's yard, scanned it, and converted it to halftone. I exposed the screen through the photo emulsion process and test-printed onto paper before doing my final print on clear acrylic.



This stationery is a two color linoleum print.

I created several batches in an array of colors.


Pinecone Wrapping Paper

I love wrapping presents. It's one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I studied some pinecones my mom had in a bowl of potpourri and drew them, creating a repeating pattern. I carved the design from linoleum and used it as a stamp to fill up a roll of kraft paper. The paper is extremely sturdy, so I've been able to re-use the sheets for several years now.


I wish I had a photo of a wrapped present, but my bows are never tied until early Christmas morning when they are undone mere hours later.


I cut fish shapes from paper with a utility knife and used the negative to block my screen.

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